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Paul j Horton

Paul j Horton

I actually spent 25 years not painting so I have a lot of "catch up" time to make! I am a self taught artist, inspired by the great artists from the past and present, Rembrandt, Johannes Vermeer, Joseph Turner, Dick Twinney, Clive Meredith, Steven A Bove, John Myatt, Jack Vettriano and Stuart Gatherer and more recently Janhendrik Dolsma and Mitch Griffiths.
I have spent most of my working life away from Art, just now and again painting a picture for a friend or relative. The more I painted the more relaxing I found it, not to mention the excitement of looking at the finished canvas and remembering that not long before it was blank!
In September 2007 I started to paint on a regular basis, from 4 pictures in the previous 25 years to four pictures in that first week of September 2007!
Finding art was my savior in life, without it there is something missing!!
I hope you enjoy looking through some of my work here ;0)
In 2013 I wrote my first fiction novel "The Darkness" (Available at Amazon Kindle Store). See or

Some originals are available for sale, signed prints available dependant upon size from me direct or you can get Cards and Prints from:
Original Artworks can be purchased direct from myself.

**** Although I no longer paint under the name of Paul Horton (due to the confusion with another artist of the same name) my early work up to 2012/13 can be found at the website below...
Note:Images are Copyright Paul Horton © 2015
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Latest comment Really amazing, simple monochromatic, mystery, secretive, beguiling and perfectly cropped. Thanks for the inspiration! Rick Levy
Do you struggle after a lay off, or are you the type who manages to get straight back in the swing of things, I thought I was. ?
Cute little dog, Graham ! Coming to your question : YES, I do suffer when I need to start again - or finish a work after days/weeks . That is also the main... view answer
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