Richard Lakin-Inzunza

Richard Lakin-Inzunza

I am a 59-year old British artist, writer, chef, welder, sculptor,'musician', I have been making marks and drawing since I was able to hold something to do it with! I use whatever I can and will turn my hand to virtually anything. I am of mixed descent. My mother is Mexican, of Yaqui Indian and Basque descent, probably coming from intermarriage between Conquistadores and native Yaqui Indians from Sinaloa. My Father is a design engineer, born in Scunthorpe, Lincs. in 1925. I have a long lineage of invention and creativity, on both sides of my family. My parents now live in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, where I feel my spiritual life is connected with, and as much home, if not more, than Britain. There is Irish, Welsh, French and German origins to the paternal side, I certainly feel a lot of affinity with Ireland and the Irish people I have met.

I love life, even though it has been difficult at times with a severe form of Bipolar Affective Disorder, still, we must suffer for our gifts, otherwise we wouldn't know how lucky we were when the suffering becomes bliss! I don't regret any of my past, and wouldn't swap my life for any other, for fear I would lose an ounce of my vision and creativity. I only pray to thank my Creator for the great gifts I was born with, and feel I have a lot to give!
I am alert and as curious as a mountain goat, and have a strong sense of humour and irony. I wish we could all afford one good solid belly laugh every day, it would make the world a much better, less stressful place to live in. I do forget to smile a lot of the time, but the sadness of the world at it's own failures affects me deeply, I am maybe over-sensitive too often! I do feel we spend too much effort and energy grinding each other down, and I don't understand arrogant and vain people. I love all animals, (I have five cats at the moment, Quetlpop, Relampagos, (Lightning), Zapata Negro Juarez, who is a semi-feral cat I feed, and my two new kittens, a pair of Maine Coons I was given, Zaquatequatita qnd Cuahutemoc. I enjoy dressing up, like with my full Charro suit, with replica pistols, spurs and everything, or Cream Tuxedo, but like wandering the house in scruffy baggy dirty work clothes too! I get on best with independent people, and try to help those less fortunate, but can't stand people who try to use your kindness to make themselves idle, and suck the vitality out of our society. I need humour and comedy all the time, because I can see the reality of the world easily enough, and need to buffer that harsh reality with a cushion of nonsense, play and fun. I don't have the energy I used to have, but feel the need to work at it, to treat every day as a challenge, and never, ever stop questioning my surroundings and close my mind.

I just love life and creation!

Emma-D stands for the "Euro-Mexican Ministry of Art and Design", or possibly 'Monastery' instead of 'Ministry'!

You can Skype me on 'fonzunza'
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