Rita Camphuijsen

Rita Camphuijsen

Human nature, giving colour to my life.
You and I live in a world filled with nature and we are a part of it.

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In my painting I feel free; I can focus and give form to feelings. My limits, I am slowly shifting my subjects to explore. Where does this exploration lead to I do n't know. May be I have been relatively short in working with oil on canvas, much time "to catch" and take time now to rest and paint.

I soon became aware of the impact of good technique and I always wanted more that that. I certainly do not aim cheap effects by a good looking image and focussed my attention on a career in work with man and the psycho-social well-being, where Iwanted to play a role in creativity and motivation. Thus began my carreer in the social area via a "musische-ludic"education.

Besides my work in psycho-social area now I am building up my carreer in art. Touched by lifes of human beings and feeling inspired by nature and the magic of the elements, I explore my possibilities in depicting images in my mind and on my retina. I lead a very busy life in raising my now grown up children and participating in the community on several ways, but I need time to communicate through art. Which means to follow my desire; sit and paint. And keep looking around observe, watch and be touched. I feel inspired and let my ideas grow and develop further.
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Latest comment Rita. amazing painting, great composition, light, reflection and water movement, I love it.
Tony Blacetti Tony Blacetti

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had so much trouble trying to get the right colours, are other people having this problem? also the photo is showing different colours as well..... think l...
This is a very well painted work Pauline with nice colour harmony....and if we are happy with our own versions that's all that matters....many... view answer
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