Rosa Antonia

Rosa Antonia

I love color and light. It makes my heart stop when I'm out in nature and the light is hitting a color in a certain way. I look at my paintings and everything is very clearly defined. It is the way I see the world. I often wonder if others see colors in the same way. By looking at the paintings on this site I can tell that some do.

I very much admire some of the realism I see in other's art. Something inside me prevents me from taking my art to that level. I shall call it a drive to get beyond the appearances of this world. Other's might call it lack of discipline, LOL!

Lately I have been cultivating my subconscious as i always wondered where Chagall, Miro and others got those amazing images. To my delight I have been rewarded with some delightfully unexpected images. They don't come all that easily and it feels frustrating at times. I am hoping that they will emerge more quickly as I give my subconscious free reign with pencil and brush.
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I let the subconscious guide what appeared on this painting. I see the power of love saving her. What do you see?
Latest comment I see the vibrancy in the orange and siennas, with burnt umber and its interesting that the Octopus has 'three hearts' it all symbolizes the Power of Love and the journey too as love transcends... Angela Susan Harrison
I just sold this painting. Do you ever miss a painting you've sold?
Have you used glitter on your paintings?I wonder if I should add more glitter on the wings?
Do you ever paint after meditation?
Have you turned your art into notecards or greeting cards?
Do you ever let an abstract underpainting determine what is to come?

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Would you like to paint abstract paintings? Today I discuss how I paint and how I take the best photos for uploading your paintings. Have fun!
wowowowow!! here you go again, d, blowin' my mind!! this is fabulously complex and intricate and wonderfully bold and vibrant!! i could look at it all day... view answer
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