Sonja Gartner

Sonja Gartner

In 2007 I gave up my real estate career and took on a part-time job so I could paint. I couldn't imagine life without painting!!
My entire life now revolves around my painting - there are not many days in a year that I don't spend at least part of it painting, or doing some creative thing or other.
Even though I am not a math wiz, I find that I keep coming back to math and geometry all the time in my art. They are the basis for everything around us - think of perspective!
I find that (when the logical half of the brain "gives up" trying to identify what it sees) abstracts can "turn on" the right side of the brain, and interact through shape and color with the viewer's intuitive, emotional self.

"In its best form [abstract] paintings offer a spiritual experience." [Bridget Riley] Pythagoras described geometry as visual music!

I also have a regular art blog going on at Instagram under, for those who are interested, showing clips of me painting, or time-lapse...

I really love this site because it made it possible for me to connect with some amazing people, and get to "talk shop" - a heartfelt thank you for the warm support from my fellow artists! If you have trouble finding me via my new website name, please let me know!
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I am trying to get better control over how I use white - do you have any techniques you use to control this wonderful colour / non colour ?
really amazing! the spoon... the white! the light... I really like so much about this... I tend to break things into fragments in my comments... but it is... view answer
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