Hi , I am Sujitha Shanmuganathan , i am 30 yrs old , i'm from India .I've completed M.Sc., M.Phil in Microbiology , and i am working as a teacher . i have a special love for art work. I love colors and i like to draw. This site is full of talented artist and i am happy to be a learner here ,each and every art is inspiring and i am learning new techniques and concepts , thanks to all. thanks for visiting and for your valuable comments.
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Latest comment Good, a little comical in it's composition. Needs a little thought on perspective, for me a little surrealist in nature. All component parts are good. brainfree
PLEASE help answer this... Should I leave it black and white or should I glaze this piece to look like an old photo? (Sepia toned)?
I think if you glazed over a little with sepia tone, I would make it a more inviting, warm painting. I think you should do it. I like it very much. I think ... view answer
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