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Susie Mac

Susie Mac

I live on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. Have been painting about four years now. I enjoy painting with textures and the knife in Acrylic. I help teach a class at the local Church on a Wednesday and have demonstrated Acrylic painting at Art Shows and the Gold Coast Show this year. Also have an internet memorial business.
If you would like to buy a painting contact me on email
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Latest comment This is really lovely. So bright. So refreshing. The reflection in water is so eye catching. So just did an amazing job. Love this so much!!! Hsn

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the info supplied by my pil friends have been applied,what I would like to know is the dust cloud sufficient or must I do something else to the painting?
Hello Kallie, some things take longer than others and somehow this great piece passed me by and I just found it by accident- a lucky one. I ... view answer
Nyra Aherne
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