Painting is my way of dreaming out loud. Since childhood, creating art has been my passion. I am a former graphic artist who loves to create go fantastical escapes with paint. I love to play with color, and different mediums, working mostly in acrylics and watercolors, and occasionally digitally with my photographs. I have a fascination with dreams, trees, nature, astronomy, and science fiction, and those subjects are my main influences. My sons tell me that my paintings have a happy vibe, which is exactly what my aim is when I create them. :) I find joy in colour, and in exploring through painting...sometimes abstractly, sometimes whimsical, but always with a sense of optimism.

My artwork can be found for sale as prints and on other products at:
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Do you find doing commissions enjoyable? I find pleasing people is hard, plus I also don't have as much fun with it, because I feel somewhat constrained. With this one, I liked painting it, I like it...
Latest comment I have only done one, so I can't give a good answer...I really like this and applaude you on your choice of colors!!! Bevie
What music, if any, do you like to listen to while you create? Does it influence your work? I find...

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Is it important to you to share your art with others and if so, how do you react to people who do not like your work?
I always share my work, so others may enjoy. Only reacted once in public once. Responded once, to a judge/critic on walk through, when she disparaged my... view answer
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