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Wildfire 24x20 (Oil on canvas)...
A walk in the park
Sunflowers for Shona
Cartoon of Henry Fuselis "Nightmare
Bride and Bridegroom - Beachwalk...
The book of Love (Commission)
Happy Warrior
Larhibol 2018
good morning
Down By The Sea
Living 11 mile
My little Angel
Homage to Lou Reed
Drifting in Geometrical Space
The core of their Ancestral past
Purple Light
Waiting for St. Nick
Blue Tit
and time keeps going......
Sitta europaea
Poppy our Tibetan Spaniel....
Water Barrier
Brando 'Julius Caesar' 1953
Maa and Baa
Jersey Girls
Black Hat Black Umbrella
Lily Pond Magic
Make the sky shine...
A Portrait of my Brother - Michael...
Rainbow Flow
How do you compose your compositions? Are the just in front of you, combined images or from your imagination?
I love Laurel to see new places and scenes that are shown in your paintings! so different from what I have around me! this is the best thing "meeting" artists... view answer
Christina Papaspiliopoulou
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