Tree of Souls by Rene Ury

Tree of Souls

I loved the new movie "Avatar," especially the dream-like world created (in 3-D!) by James Cameron and his special effects artists. This is my interpretation of the "Tree of Souls," a sacred tree that plays an important role in the film.
Before I even saw the title, I knew what this tree was. I adored the film Avatar and saw it twice. The special effects and the fantasy dream like world it created were just amazing to me!
My "Spirit of the Rain Forest" was based on a scene from it. Best regards, Joan
over 3 years ago
This is marvelous, what a beautiful silhouette of this magical tree, great painting and love your inpriration ~~~!~
over 3 years
I too loved that film and I am in awe of your painting of this beautiful tree - absolutely wonderful painting!! :))
over 3 years
Appropriately named and wonderfully portrayed
over 2 years
Very creative and illuminating Rene, and i like your composition and style here.....
over 2 years
Very creative and mystical! I loved the movie Avatar!
over 2 years
This is a real beauty, and you made a wonderful tribute to that special and fantastic movie!
I loved Avatar, it showed us a deep message of loyalty and respect for nature and escence of all things..
over 2 years
Lovely scrawling tree with colors that are just right. Laurel
over 2 years
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Rene UryI have always been passionate about art -- but am something of a "late bloomer." I took one drawing class and one watercolor class after my son left for college five years ago. Because school no longer appeals to me, I continue to learn from books, magazines, websites, art fairs and the examples of others (like you!). The need to create and share drives me on, and I cherish this site and all its participants.
Can you mimic the buttery sheen of oil with acrylic. I have some areas on here that need it ( the red window sills in light) but I can't produce it - it dries...
Love your cafe, Peter! Must try and get there one day...haven't been that far south yet but love NZ. I'm not an acrylic or oil painter so not much help to... view answer
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