by Jay Moncrief

acrylic on heavy watercolor paper
it look like a fairy tale forest...
over 6 years ago
It's like a slightly muted photograph. The rich colors are what drew me to this painting. I like it.
over 6 years
I guess I am biased,I love trees and yours are great Jay.
over 4 years
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Artist Statement
for Jay Moncrief
Jay MoncriefI started painting in the late nineties, I paint in acrylic, watercolor, and oil. There is nothing I know of that is more relaxing or rewarding than creating a beautiful painting from a blank canvas. The world today is too fast paced and hectic, through my painting I try to create a world that is peaceful,and I paint places that I would like to be. I paint so that people viewing my paintings can feel a sense of peace of mind when they look at them...the same peace of mind I get while painting them. Thanks for looking. If interested in buying one of my paintings please contact me at
the info supplied by my pil friends have been applied,what I would like to know is the dust cloud sufficient or must I do something else to the painting?
beautiful.... i love it... i think maybe they are running to a sale of some sort... maybe a stripe sale.... no maybe.... maybe they are running to have their... view answer
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