Marley The Neapolitan Mastiff by Dawn McGuire

Marley The Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff breed (also called the Italian Mastiff) is a massive, imposing, dog breed
The Neapolitan Mastiff breed can be traced back to around 100 BC. The breed is descended from the Molossus, they are very large Middle Eastern war and guard dogs. Can you believe the Romans would pit Neapolitan Mastiffs against lions, leopards, bears, and gladiators in the arena. The Roman legions spread the breed throughout Europe as they used them as "dogs of war." Which breaks my heart because they are naturally in nature so so sweet and only want to be loved and petted.

I painted this portrait of Marley who died not long ago for my friend who still cannot speak of him without feeling very upset. As a child I would have been totally terrified by their incredible size and not so good looking features, but if they are cared for and trained properly they are one of the most loveable majestic and protective dogs in the world.

She has another one called 'Much' who sits over my knee and her knees at the same time He is Massive!. I am so touched by their natural gentleness and loyalty and their incredible magnificent form.

This is my first attempt at a dog taken from a photograph and it took 6-7 hours. Any crits or comments or tips are always very much appreciated.: )
Hello my dear friend Dawn,
O yes, i know the big animals!
With more skin then bones..:-)
When the are pups..
I dont know the wher "dogs of war."!!( shame the Roman worriors).
I read the story you write, very intresting!
But the painting of this lovely dog is great.
Wonderful purple shadow parts in it.
The eye stunning and sweet.
Very well done Dawn.
Happy weekeind.
over 4 years ago
Wow...dear Dawn brilliant colors. I love the detail in this.This is an absolutely gorgeous.5*****
All the best,see you soon dear Dawn!
over 4 years
Very well done, Dawn.,, I love the side view, and the eye,,,I've met a few of this breed,,and they were all lovely gentle dogs, for their size. I met one of them in the vet's office, when I took my little dog Bubba for his check up. The Mastiff was 9 months old and he was already 145 lbs.,,his owner motioned to him, and the big dog sat down and was very quiet. Bubba is quite a cool little dog,,he just gazed at this big dog in amazement,,no comment from Bubba at all. I t was funny to see their expressions.. Great Job Dawn, and I enjoyed reading about their history,,very good to know!! 5***** Sincerely, Doris
over 4 years
This is beautiful. I love all the blues and violets also.
over 4 years
Hi Dawn not really into animal pics but yours is different its a great looking picture hate to meet him on a dark night but your wonderful discription has convinced me he is a cutie, not bad for 7 hrs work very well done Dawn

Joe xx
over 4 years
Gorgeous work, Dawn, beautiful color palette! Excellent expression of dogs profile! Love it!
over 4 years
Yes, Dawn. Chris is right. Being, as you say, your first attempt etc., your use of 'improbable' colours denotes bravery, talent and easyness. Well done. (By the way, I wish modern Neapolitans - people of course - were a bit closer to the dogs bearing their name...)
over 4 years
just excellent work 5 +++++
over 4 years
can't say he's beautiful.......can say you did a beautiful job of painting him!!
over 4 years
i hope you know i wasn't saying any bad about him. he is/was majestic and all dogs are beautiful in their own way. always our friends and i love them.
over 4 years
Hi dawn,I am not into dogs at all but this one is incredible! I have never seen a dog painted this fabulously! The story also is very touching! Great job! Really love the original and unique style my friend!
over 4 years
Great portrait work here Dawn, the subject is also lovable with his personality shining through. The beautiful grays and blues you picked here are amazing!5*:)
over 4 years
The fur is beautiful - love the colour detail. 5 ***** from Mike
over 4 years
He is gorgeous Dawn .The only thing he is missing is the pipe out the side of his mouth LOL.Then he would look just like an old english gentleman.
over 4 years
Oh Dawn, I love this big, sweet Neopolitan Mastiff. Your acrylic technique is fantastic - I love the colors you chose - great shadow and light too. 5*++++.....

The background you provided about their historic abuse was heartbreaking. So glad that's all in the past now. xxxRene
over 4 years
I think he is really beautiful dear Dawn,you have done such an incredible job of his portrait.5* warm hugs.Hazel
over 4 years
I can see where our Danes get some of their features looking at this....
over 4 years
brilliant pic,a very noble dog....i went to visit my sister in law,who had great danes....sat on the sofa,one of the dogs sat next to me and PURPOSELY,pushed me off,onto the floor...bloody cheek....
over 4 years
I liked it looks so real. Very good colour choice.
over 4 years
beautiful dog
over 4 years
Fabulous use of colour! What a dog!!! best wishes Fiona x
over 4 years
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