Marley The Neapolitan Mastiff by Dawn McGuire

Marley The Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff breed (also called the Italian Mastiff) is a massive, imposing, dog breed
The Neapolitan Mastiff breed can be traced back to around 100 BC. The breed is descended from the Molossus, they are very large Middle Eastern war and guard dogs. Can you believe the Romans would pit Neapolitan Mastiffs against lions, leopards, bears, and gladiators in the arena. The Roman legions spread the breed throughout Europe as they used them as "dogs of war." Which breaks my heart because they are naturally in nature so so sweet and only want to be loved and petted.

I painted this portrait of Marley who died not long ago for my friend who still cannot speak of him without feeling very upset. As a child I would have been totally terrified by their incredible size and not so good looking features, but if they are cared for and trained properly they are one of the most loveable majestic and protective dogs in the world.

She has another one called 'Much' who sits over my knee and her knees at the same time He is Massive!. I am so touched by their natural gentleness and loyalty and their incredible magnificent form.

This is my first attempt at a dog taken from a photograph and it took 6-7 hours. Any crits or comments or tips are always very much appreciated.: )
Oooo..I just want to give him a cuddle!.. he sooo gorgeous in his own way!Great Job Dawn..its not easy to show an animals personality & you've achieved that.Not just a great portrait but a work of art in its own right!x
over 7 years ago
Wonderful, majestic portrait. Love the profile. Fantastic detail on the ears and face. nicely done. Kat Flint
over 7 years
You did a wonderful job on this composition. You can tell a lot of love went into this. d
over 7 years
You did a wonderful job on this Dawn.
over 7 years
Dear Dawn, I love the portrait of Marley. 5***** awesome portrait, Judith
over 7 years
Hi Dawn, Most appreciate your comment. Cheers from Mike
over 7 years
Especial and creative use of colours to give shape to this proud and loyal dog. Your motive to make this work is also very touching and it is shown in the great and effective result. Excellent!
over 7 years
Wow, Dawn, this is stunning! I do love these Mastiffs. They are so huge, but so good to cuddle them. I love your colours also, great work Dawn!
over 7 years
beautiful dog. very dignified, i like the blue, the wrikles, the ear... woof
over 6 years
Simply wonderfully colored portrait of this amazing massive dog.I love contrast,texture and purple tones here.Excellent facial expression and shades,BRAVO,my dear Dawn,all my compliments and best wishes,Ankica
over 2 years
Thank you so much Ankica such kind words as always. Big Hugs! x
over 2 years
You have painted Marley, so strong, all muscles an this beautiful sagging skin, that Mastiff sports so well!, Love your choice of colors, the blue in the brown makes his skin alive!
over 2 years
Thank you so much Marie for your wonderful words of support, : )x
over 2 years
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I feel truely honoured to be part of this Incredible Community.

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A Real Big THANKYOU to Everybody for their Amazing support and interest in my work and for sharing their work and veiws with me.... I cant get over the fact that I feel genuine affection for everyone yet have never met anyone? It is, it seems, as if you come to know people through their work its magical....

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