Krishna by Tony Rea


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I did this one about 5 yrs ago, A close friend of my family.

It's done in Pastels on paper.

Owned by Krishna herself.
(Sorry about the slight reflections, it was photographed behind glass)
My first stars for you and such beautiful face by Krishna! My dear friend Tony this is wonderful portrait with fantastic expression!Excellent colors! Bravo!Best regards,Ankica
over 8 years ago
Thank you Ankica, My wife & I have known Krishna since she was a baby, Her lovely family are big friends of ours, Krishna is now happily married
& living in London. Her Family still live across the road from us. X
over 8 years
beautiful portrait of a lovely lady, great pastel work, good flesh tones, great dimension 5*****
over 8 years
Very beautiful portrait of a gorgeous woman! You are great at portraits, Tony, and your painting and drawing techniques are superb. I admire your art.
over 8 years
Coming from you Alla...That is indeed a precious compliment to treasure. Thank you SO much Hun. Tony:) X
over 8 years
tony, very nice. love the skin color. eyes. good job.
over 7 years
Thank you very much Rick..... Regards to you my friend.
over 7 years
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Artist Statement
for Tony Rea
Tony ReaHi, to all fellow artists.
I was born 1941 in the city of Belfast, my father was Italian, my mother Irish.
Since a very early age I've always been interested in drawing & painting.
I have tried so many different aspects
of art, like marquetry, sculpture, carving etc. but none of these took hold
so I opted for the hand painted kind.
I've never regreted it.
I took up airbrushing way back in 1978, & I can tell you it was the most difficult tool to get used to,I nearly gave up a number of times,But I was continually inspired by other airbrush users, so I stuck at it,I'm glad I did now.
I still paint the conventional way with
oils & pastels, & use the airbrush on much bigger projects, like Fairground rides. I am retired now & enjoy...
Any books/tutorial you can suggest on how to improve portrait drawing? I am trying to learn as much as I can
To answer your question, my I recommend a book I bought at the Yale book store long ago. I believe it is still available on Amazon.... "Art and Visual... view answer
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