The Ecu Man by Gyuri Lohmuller
great concept, like it a lot! great texture
over 7 years ago
So much to take in, one of those paintings the more you study it the more you see, or think you see, Very clever, and I love it.
over 7 years
thank you much.
over 7 years
Brilliant work Gyuri, reminds me of the Airport in Addis Abiba great lighting, love your colors and the ambiance created.
I really enjoy your work! a well deserved 5*
Regards Thoko.
over 7 years
nopraise is enough for this work gyuri. this is a masterpiece dear. i just loved it. very very good...!5*
over 6 years
Gyuri ez a kep csodas, foleg az a resz ahova a feny esik!!
over 6 years
koszonom szepen.
over 6 years
Multumesc mult .
over 6 years
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Artist Statement
for Gyuri Lohmuller
Gyuri Lohmuller"If I ever make a good painting, I will be excused for being a painter." (Gyuri Lohmuller). Self-educated painter, having exhibitions in Austria, Germany, France and Hungary, is willing to share his inner world. His paintings reflect his deepest emotions. "The emotion", he says, "is Art."
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