Indian boy by Martyna Fon
fantastic pastel portriat, very bright and joyful :)
over 4 years ago
Hi martyna,
This is a very good portrait.
very expressive face and you made it very well.
All your portraits are superb. I also like making portraits a lot.
over 4 years
Strong and wonderful "Indian boy" Martyna!
I like the eyes, the are so sweet!!
Cute face too...
The yellow backgrouns is powerful in this painting/
Very well done.
Kind regards, Robert
over 4 years
Martyna what a gorgeous portrait. This is stunning and you are very talented :) :)
over 4 years
Absolutely expressive!I deeply love your powerful palette and your feeling.
over 4 years
Wonderful colours - so complimentary to this little boy. Beautiful expression- his eyes! - such playful children, reminds me of a small Indian boy that lived in a neighborhood where I once lived. 5*******
over 4 years
Excellent portrait, love his expression, great use of colors!
over 4 years
Fab picture. Love the colours
over 4 years
Beautifully done...I love it!
over 4 years
Fantastic portrait. Very expressive face and wonderful color combination.
over 4 years
wow very nice expresion and colours pallet!
over 4 years
I love your use of yellow in this . its a tough colour to get right. Very unforgiving. But you do it beautifully. and I also love the blue highlights in his hair... Good job!
over 4 years
What an ALIVE wonderful little face LOVE iT !5* marne
over 4 years
Beautiful artwork I love the yellow
over 4 years
Beautiful portrait and use of colour.
over 4 years
gorgeous portrait
over 4 years
Fantastic portrait - his eyes really draw the viewer in -- and I love your unusual colors. Great work!
over 4 years
Beautiful portrait!
over 4 years
Hi, I'm the administrator for the group (deleted), and I'd love you to add this picture to the group.
Beautiful color,emotion and expression in this piece. Best regards Matyna from Theodore. (accepted)
over 4 years
awesome work matyna
over 4 years
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Martyna FonI have never felt more creative and inspired. I'm learning to listen to my intuition, trusting my eyes and allowing my hands to explore my canvas at will. Art is ubiquitous in my life - guiding me, inspiring me…

I am a self-taught artist living in Poland. I paint with a technique of mixed media, in which I compose my own colours from a wide variety of high-quality pigments. I construct my artwork using overlapping layers that create an optically-multifaceted depth which can be perceived through the eyes of the observer at many different levels.

I invoke my feminine consciousness through the use of bright colour pastels which enhance the dynamic and powerful aspects of my artwork. Sometimes my paintings include symbolism, at other...
Do you always get perfect likeness when doing portraiture and if not do you start all over again or make the most of it as it is?
I guaranty you that this is in no way a perfect likeness. Certainly that is what cameras are for. I do not think making perfect likenesses has anything to do... view answer
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