Something Perfect - SOLD by Lydia Ciconte

Something Perfect - SOLD

168cm x 70cm Acrylic on canvas
This is taking me somewhere really calm, love it
over 6 years ago
Just saw this on the supporting members gallery and it made me all your work does....hope all is well with you xxx
over 4 years
You have away, of taking one away into another world, with such far away appeal. I love your style.
over 6 years
looks like someplace i'd love to be - alone and peaceful...very soulful work
over 6 years
One word:BEAUTIFUL!5 stars!
over 5 years
as always..wonderful blend of colors.
so soothing.
over 5 years
so tranquill , lovely colours. I like all of your painting on here, keep painting!!
over 5 years
i wish i could paint the sea with this force! lovely
over 5 years
This like my very much too....
over 5 years
this is so soothing and other worldly, beautiful
over 5 years
beautifully painted. Nice one Lydia.
over 5 years
Hi Lydia , your painting is so beautifull and dreamy, I love it.5 stars!!!

Raymond Wunna
over 5 years
Wow, what a fantastic piece. I really feel the sky on the water - must have been a perfect day indeed - the kind of day i dream of.
over 5 years
Lydia, I always come back to view your beautiful work. This lacks the hot colors and shows a transition of moods. Vey nice and engaging.
over 5 years
Lydia, At first I didn't understand the blue in the upper left corner, so I
looked at the whole color scheme with the blue blocked out and the painting
is not as strong. The blue really ties this piece together for me.
Your eye for color is supernatural.
over 5 years
how did this sneak by me???? it is so fantastically beautiful! makes me wish i had a boat. your vision is my voyage. thank you.
over 5 years
I love it!5*
over 5 years
Just breathtaking! Wow!
over 5 years
Lydia this just popped up and I could'nt leave it without saying to you it is outstanding. The vastness, the stillness then the calming waves reaching the shore, with the sky, it is perfection, I have seen this exact scene. You have really captured it, truely the title is right on with this. Not enough stars to give.
over 5 years
Lydia, your reflections are basic hot and wonderful, but this one is great! :)
over 5 years
Beautiful, a masterpiece! would love to have this on my wall!
over 5 years
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for Lydia Ciconte
Lydia CiconteMy paintings are a reflection of the beauty i see, feel and live.

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I photographed this painting on the easel where I paint which is in natural light. This is limiting in winter time with poor light of course. Do you think it...
I find this painting totally absorbing, just as if I was standing on a rock watching the water swell. Your waves are gorgeously lit, and so wonderfully... view answer
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