Dance of Life - Dedicated to my... by Casoni Ibolya-Iby

Dance of Life - Dedicated to my dear friend,Oldivad

Hello there!
This is the reply painting for my friend Oldivad.
I have some ideas ,but wish know also yours...
Please feel free to share your ideas and opinion!
Thank you!
Oil on canvas,50/50 cm.
Interesting composition. Love your style :) :)
over 8 years ago
Thank you very much,Veena!
over 8 years
very creative, with the knowledge of the apple we can understand the music of the universe
over 8 years
Thank you so much,dear Loretta!
I'm so happy that you like it and understand it so good!
over 8 years
Beautiful colors and contrasts, Iby, great composition!
over 8 years
Thank you very much,Varvara!
over 8 years
Lovely picture Iby very imaganitive love the dancer and icons surrounded by the imposing apple and the simple sea is so so simple great work Iby
Joe xx
over 8 years
Thank you very much,Joe!
I'm happy that you like it!
over 8 years
Wonderful feeling. The musical ballerina gets to look out at life and sees everything through a musical compositional way......golly I don't know, it just appears something like this to me. I love it - well done again
over 8 years
So interesting your interpretation!
I can hear the music!
Thank you very much!
over 8 years
a beautiful concept,clever format and brilliantly executed....
over 8 years
Thank you very much,Geoffrey!
I'm so happy that you like it!
All the best,Iby
over 8 years
Very interesting and challenging painting. The meaning of life...Is it a dance? To what purpose?...
over 8 years
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I struggle with backgrounds - getting it to relate to the subject etc.. do you have any suggestions to make it easier?
If you struggle it doesn't show. This looks great with the background you've chosen. I like the angle of the horses face aligning with the vertical of the... view answer
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