Flower by Chrisann


Study ~ Watercolor Washes.
Cold press~ 140lb paper 8x10
Wow!!!! Such lovely and warm colours sister Chrisann.I love it.I want to put it in my flower pot.


over 6 years ago
Hi Chrissann, Chuffed you like the abstract. I painted it with scrunched paper towels - lovely and messy. I discovered a book discussing unusual ways with floral paintings: I will try a few once I get my head around the instructions. Hug from Mike
over 6 years
Absolutely beautiful, Chrisann,,,I love the blend of color,very nicely done, indeed! 5***** sincerely, Doris
over 6 years
I love the bold and very bright colors. I enjoy florals also, therefore this is a beautiful picture in my mind.
over 6 years
Crisann - this seems to be a breakthrough piece for you. Very strong in color and balance. Bravo!
over 6 years
Beautifully painted Chrisann. you really captured the delicacy of these flowers. Wonderful ! xx
over 6 years
Wow, Chrisann, this is fabulous! This composition is amazing and your colours also! 5*
over 6 years
Hello Sister Chrisann,I got a new landscape a suprise for you will you have a look and tell me wheather you like it.


over 6 years
I just love the bold and beautiful, bright colors and the subject matter.
over 6 years
good idea like it a lot....
over 6 years
Hi Chrisann, These flowers has a palette of wonderfull colors, and you know me - I love colors :-)
5***** Pia
over 6 years
I love the vibrant colors and the whole feel is one of long hot summer days, what a delightful work of art! a deserving 5. thank you so much for sharing.
Regards Thoko
over 6 years
You have captured the visual essence of this flower in you painting. 5*
over 5 years
love how blown up the flowers look
over 5 years
Wow...the colors are so rich, and deep, penetrating...they are alive with energy....and the detail in your flowers are exquisite! I really love them! Awesome Painting!!!!
over 5 years
Absolutely beautiful painting, I love the softness of the paint, and the lovely colours so warm, very lovely indeed, best wishes Brenda xx.
over 4 years
over 4 years
This is so pretty. Love your colorful flowers and background. Regards, Gail
over 3 years
Just purchased some of your pretty cards.
Wonderful work. Love so many, hard to chose. Love, Gail
over 2 years
Nice use of colour to create form and depth in this popular subject.....Michael
2 months
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Chrisann has a Passion with Fine Arts, starting at a young age. With an added giggle she says 'I can still remember my first crayon abstract in my Kindergarten class' People still enjoy hearing about her funny childhood memorie (s), related to her art work. The mediums she enjoys using are Transparent Watercolors, Acrylics, and detail Drawings. Chrisann enjoys expressing on canvas, because she says they tell a story.
'Expressing On Canvas' with her Inspiring Brush Strokes, she paints abstracts, still life, portraits, landscapes and scenes. Chrisann has always been attracted to Color. Her palette is loaded with an assortment of colors and her Stero turned up, while she paints in her art studio. She is always...
Do you think adding the lyrics of the song the painting has been titled after in the description will add anything to the overall presentation of my rock star...
Fantastic portrait Marty, love the tone & lighting and nice clean lines. I have seen artists add the lyrics to their paintings adding texture but I could also... view answer
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