Untitled by James Henninger
Hi James,
this is a very nice sketch with ink,I like the old sailing Ships. you got my vote. walter
over 4 years ago
Great Ship James
over 4 years
This is fabulous, you should have more than two votes!
over 4 years
gorgeious stuff
over 4 years
Hi, I'm the administrator for the group (deleted), and I'd love you to add this picture to the group.

Very well done, I love it!! (accepted)
over 4 years
over 4 years
Nice water.
over 4 years
over 4 years
i agree with the other comments ...a lot of good detail in this ....john
over 3 years
Beautiful drawing of the ship and water. Very artistic.
over 3 years
Amazing detail and realism! Love it!
over 3 years
I can do nothing but agree with others comments - beautiful work
over 3 years
STUNNING....looks so realistic, all the detail. I have been thinking about trying ink too. This pic is amazing....
over 3 years
over 3 years
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Artist Statement
for James Henninger
James HenningerAbout the paintings

To be truthful these are the only paintings I've ever done so far. My first love will always be pen & ink without it I wouldn't be able to get the realism I've always wanted. But I knew there was a new level of realism I could achieve if I just took the time and patience learned how to paint. After taking 2 months off of drawing I and looking over my portfolio I realized that there was a way to get a true photo realistic piece on canvas.
Six months ago I was in Lowe's getting mounts for a frame, walking past the paint department I realized what's the difference in the acrylic paint you buy in the art store and the paint here.
Price for one. So I picked up 12,sets of 5 different colors in 1/2 pint sample cans that...
Do you like the impressionist style background? I want to invite the viewer to speculate on what the gentleman is 'waiting' for!
Whaaaaaat an EXTRAORDINARY work this is, L!! The colours!! The composition!! Am esp. enchanted with the change/difference in style between the figures and the... view answer
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