Portrait of Berthe Morisot (after... by Bryan Hible

Portrait of Berthe Morisot (after Manet)

Acrylic on canvas 20x16". This is my copy of Edouard Manet's famous 1872 portrait of impressionist painter and model Berthe Morisot and is one of my favourite paintings, so much so that I had to have a go at painting it.
Amazingly done, great capture! Love it!
over 5 years ago
I'll bet you like Daumier, yes? I do! I like this too. Sonny
over 5 years
Yes....Berthe Morisot was his favorite model!!
Manet was not "stupid"...:-)
She was handsome...
You deed again a wonderful job my dera friend from the UK!!
Stunning colours.
Great eyes, and i love the "oldfasion hat and clothing"..Strong and powerful work.
I put today or tomorrow a newone my friend Bryan..This time no square...But a painting in my other styl...:-)
I am curious you like the style too...:-)
Cheers, Robert
over 5 years
WOW, Manet would be proud.

Skillfully painted!
over 5 years
A very good reproduction after the famous painter Manet,Brian!I know this painting!All the best for you!
over 5 years
Looks familiar ;0) Very well done Bryan 5*, cheers, Paul
over 5 years
What a nice way to show your appreciation for your favourite painter. You not only copied his work but you also add your own touch. This is a nice homage to Monet.
over 5 years
You have done a marvelous job....excellent work!! She was certainly an interesting subject. Love the hat :D
over 5 years
Love this painting Brian, she has that something!!! 5*****
over 5 years
excellent work,5*
over 5 years
Wonderful. The browns are so rich.
over 5 years
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