Bosque azul by roy evans

Bosque azul

Óleo sobre madera 80x100 cms
oh! I love how I'm here in this secret lake.....this is so this world we need this.....
over 4 years ago
Marvelous painting with the reflexion in the water!5*
over 4 years
gorgeious work, beautiful landscape.
over 4 years
Wonderful, definitly worth a second look, and a third etc.. great subject to paint and a wonderful rendition.
over 4 years
lovely greens and blues. very quiteing and meditative. Lovely painting. 5***** regards Yvonne
over 4 years
This is beautiful! Did you prime the wood with gesso before painting?
over 4 years
Lovely i can't really put my finger on your style but i take it it is your own cause it is beautiful. Your clear, rich colors and the almost detailed nature of your work yet not to detailed that you feel your looking at a photo... well done. I love it
over 4 years
Roy why did you give a Portuguese name to your marvellous forst?Does it sound good to you? In the name of all Portuguese artists here in the site a warm thank you. And if this is some place you saw in Portugal, you're invited to join my group Portugal in Art. All the stars for you.... Isaura
over 4 years
class act
over 4 years
So much detail and yet so pleasant to look at. The mirror-image is an art form to behold. Serene,reflective and colourfully vibrant,
Another fiver.
over 4 years
you can feel the stillness in this piece wow i love it
over 4 years
Loving the blue hues!
over 4 years
Mystical and hauntingly beautiful!
over 3 years
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for roy evans
roy evans
In an attempt to avoid repeating the exercise of thinking this painting finished only see its not a few weeks later, any thoughts, critique or corrections...
Wow, this is amazing! I do the same thing, thinking I'm finished then adding "just one more tweak" but never with such spectacular results. Congratulations on... view answer
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