Stay A Little Longer - SOLD by Lydia Ciconte

Stay A Little Longer - SOLD

158cm x 60cm Acrylic on canvas
Reminds me of Frederick Church's Cotopaxi! Superb work.
over 4 years ago
What a beautiful sky sp full of wonderful color!! Wow!
Best regards, Brian
over 4 years
OMG! Is this a preview of Heaven? I so adore it!
over 4 years
incredible sky! beautiful colour! superb
over 4 years
I just love this the colours just everything about this painting is beautiful Maggie
over 4 years
This is a fantastic sunset Lydia!!
Regards, John
over 3 years
Varázslatos ez a nagyméretű szines égbolt
over 3 years
wow , magnificent sky!! fantastic work! I'm truly amazed...
over 3 years
Never seen a more beautiful sky for a sunset or is it a rise? In any case it is gorgeous.
over 3 years
over 3 years
what a brilliant work!
over 3 years
Beautiful Lydia!
over 3 years
over 3 years
wow this is amazing Lydia. one of the best sunsets i've seen!
over 2 years
Watching it you get lost in a wonderful warm colored horison.
What a spectacular view!
Thank you for sharing it with us.
Ann E. Hansen
over 2 years
Wow such a beautiful relaxing piece!
over 2 years
Outstanding painting, left me with no words!
over 2 years
a master piece !
over 2 years
Very beautiful painting.
over 1 year
Touching title and a very beautiful, red sunset.
6 months
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for Lydia Ciconte
Lydia CiconteMy paintings are a reflection of the beauty i see, feel and live.

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P is for Purple
Do you experience sometime that a painting is asking its very own question, its very own way to be worked out?
I love the red and dark blue and all the faces do you mean part of the painting needs to be worked out, ad the painter is the agent, (of it's transformation),... view answer
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