Mustangs by dawn davies


wild mustangs - pastel art
original pastel available
plus prints ect.
prints/canvas,framed,unframed,cards,tees,mugs also available, please contact the artist for prices/details. all art of Dawn Davies is copyrighted.
hi dawn:)this is a beautiful painting!i love the horses,very well done!i love horses:)you have alot of very lovely artwork:)
over 4 years ago
many thanks for liking this pastel, i am delighted that you like it,dawn
over 4 years
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for dawn davies
I am a new artist of a few years, from being on a free art site like this i was lucky to be offered my own book of art and poems, this book is full of endangered creatures that i adore and much much more. isbn 9781449035853 titled,My Art Has Heart, sold on line through all major worldwide bookstores. I also do pre made blank book cover images for all you budding writers/authors,please contact on
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