Janice by Albertus Joseph


46x60inches Oils on Canvas
over 6 years ago
over 6 years
I love this picture...great skin tones and a perfect expression..xx
over 6 years
nice color painting...love it
over 6 years
thanks bub
over 6 years
This is really very beautiful Albertus!!! 5*****
over 6 years
Thanks Nancy
over 6 years
Great portrait, I love the size of the canvas you chose too.
over 6 years
Thasnks Niki!...she was a lot of fun...(smile)
over 6 years
:)Love her pensive expression and your skill at painting
over 5 years
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Artist Statement
for Albertus Joseph
Albertus JosephThis art thing is something and somewhere between a curse and gift... Between a need and lifestyle. I don't think anyone wakes up in the morning and says to themselves, " I'm gonna be an artist!"... It's like the color of your skin or family history. It's kinda programed into you somehow. It's like a highly addictive drug. It gets a hold on you... it embodies your soul... and you are always left wanting for more and more! There is a disconnect that occurs between life in a physical sense and the lines of reality blur. There is a peace that exist in the process and a feeling of accomplishment at the end. The process is like the race and the trophy is the end result of all the hard work. I know that subconsciously it happens there. I can't...
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United Kingdom
this is my first attempt to do a painting of haybales,like always I would love some constructive criticism please? warm and kind wishes to all...
Powerful colours. The round bails are great and have lovely texture. The picture has great depth and river in the distance creates movement. Hard to be... view answer
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