Mother and Child Orange by Katherine Scriffignano

Mother and Child Orange

Showing the love a Mother has for a baby adopted.
For Sale. Acrylic on canvas 61x61cm
This is a wonderful picture. The composition is good, the colors are very pretty and your subjects are very sweet-looking. Well done! :)
over 4 years ago
beautiful!!!! love the effect with the orange squares 5*s
over 4 years
Wonderful emotion in this.
over 4 years
Very lovely, interesting and original work Katherine. I like the way you change styles, I try do do this myself, not aways with success:-)Chris
over 4 years
Five stars, Katherine!
This is creation at the personal level.
The golden squares give this a glowing intensity.
Excellent technique!
over 4 years
I like this very much. Your colors add to the tenderness shown with the subject. Best wishes, Dian
over 4 years
Lovely content....very gentle
over 4 years
Very loving painting and the soft colors you have used portray the tenderness felt. Riana
over 4 years
love it
over 3 years
very warm. 5*****
over 3 years
this is so touching, expressive.
over 3 years
This is lovely and love the squares. Excellent painting
over 2 years
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Artist Statement
for Katherine Scriffignano
Katherine ScriffignanoI have been doing pencil drawings -mostly portrait- since I was about 10yo but have only recently ventured into the world of paints. I am loving this new learning experience and would appreciate any comments.
i was told to "finish the orbs or bubbles or planets or whatever they are supposed to be" but i wanted them this way was i wrong?
oh this is really cool! I have one that has these same kinds of "orbs" floating around with some angels... the title of that piece is..."The Sound of Angel... view answer
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