A Love That Burns - SOLD by Lydia Ciconte

A Love That Burns - SOLD

250cm x 130cm - Acrylic on canvas
my god i wish i could do that - it's beautiful and haunting.
over 5 years ago
Excellent, you can almost feel the heat!
over 5 years
I love the color use and texture.
over 5 years
this is truly amazing how did ya do that..you mixed the colors so perfectly
over 5 years
i can feel the heat!its cool!
over 5 years
Is so good,that it's NOT TRUE!!!
over 5 years
lovely fire again!!!

Raymond Wunna
over 5 years
Your paintings command respect!!!
over 5 years
Wow! well Done. Fire !
over 5 years
Thank you so much for all of your kind words Lydia..

But this painting.. I can feel the heat coming off of it..The way you paint fire is as if you see it daily.. so powerful, sad and dynamic.. I absolutely love ALL of your work:)
over 4 years
Exellent work!!! Fire like alive!!!
over 4 years
i love this fire!
over 4 years
A warm, warm fire! So beautiful!
over 4 years
I cant believe that I missed this one lovely lydia! What can I say...plenty..lets make up a word for you um firefabdasidoosyextroadinaire!! Oh got a big red line under this one, what!! i must have spelled it wrong in the the dictionary.....mine anyway xx
over 4 years
This is an amazing painting.5*
over 4 years
Love your title Lydia, a very firey painting that warms the heart of the soul, beautifully done! 5*****
over 4 years
Oh Lydia, Lydia, the painter of fire with heart. Always stirring, haunting, and with strong spirit. Beautiful as ever.
over 4 years
When I see red and orange I think of you Lydia! *****
over 4 years
Wow, that is really hot.
over 3 years
found your work through Roy.you have such a beautiful style! love the textures! it seems a very passionate love! a fire that is both frightening yet enticing!
over 2 years
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Lydia CiconteMy paintings are a reflection of the beauty i see, feel and live.

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I have noticed PopArt seems to get less comments than other forms of art, is it because it is thought of as a 60's thing or is there another reason?
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