Love in the rocks by chris redwood snr

Love in the rocks

Oil on canvas. This work was an experiment for me having never painted erotic/fantasy before. It was copied from an old print I found in a second hand shop, I have no idea who the original artist was. I enjoyed the challenge of the style and the 'Dali' infuence, however if people find this work offensive I will remove it. Sincerely, Chris
I have just been imformed by Mario Villareal that the original artist was Jean Paul Cleren. I've just checked his's amazing. Thanks again Mario. Chris
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for chris redwood snr
chris redwood snrPro Musician since 1963. Art for me is a means of finding a sense of space and freedom in a world full of complications. I have no one style, just paint for personal satisfaction.
I wonder how many here struggle with painting animals such as horses? I am out of my comfort zone trying to do them...any suggestions other than practice...
Hi Bevie, a nice composition. I would suggest checking out the equine artists who have written books on drawing and painting horses. There are quite a few... view answer
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