Wonder by Dawn McGuire


This an attempt a very textural portrait, I have tried with the light and I know it could still be improved but I have had enough! It took bout 10 hours. The photo is a bit dark, but I like the texture.
As always beautiful people crits an comments gracefully recieved! Hugs an gratitude! : )xxx
I love the texrture & composition Dawn!The eyes being the window to the soul is very evident in this..dark pools!Well done!x
over 4 years ago
There is a magical quality to this image,Dawn. If I could have achieved this in ten hours I would definitely count it as a good days work.
over 4 years
Amazing Dawn
over 4 years
This is beautiful, just great.
over 4 years
Terrific! Just love this textured portrait, Dawn! The different colours you have created are splendid and really effective.Really was drawn to this portrait of this child, so unusual and unique! Lovely palette knife work! He looks so cute!! 5***** Regards Angela Susan
over 4 years
Dawn...this is one of my stand out favourites of yours...wow...of course the texture is stunning...and the eyes are just beautiful....it is so well done and well worth the 10 hours.....BRAVO!!
over 4 years
Beautifully executed Dawn, well done my friend, love the expression and textures. 5*****
over 4 years
Wow I like it!!! so effective!! :)
over 4 years
i love it Dawn five stars for this
over 4 years
This is an amazing piece of work, dispite the rough texturous surface that I love, there is a very gentle feel to the portrait. You have painted a very original piece. Excellent. Chris
over 4 years
WOW!What a interesting texture and so beautiful shades and colors!This adorable eyes look so charming,my dear friend!Very unique piece!Congratulations!All the best for you,Ankica
over 4 years
Strong and powerfulportrait Dawn!!
Great bold brushed!
Magnificent colours.
Well done my artfriend..
Greetings, Robert
over 4 years
Wow this is briliant. I love the rough texture, and yet such a delicate image.
over 4 years
Beautiful and expressive eyes, excellent technique, Dawn! Love it!
over 4 years
Dawn my dearest,I am absolutely speechless about this stunning piece of yours! This is one of your bests! What an expression in those wide innocent eyes! lost for more words,Dawn!
over 4 years
what an ''incredible'' piece of artwork...i love everything about it,the texture,colour,effect...the eyes are magical,a very authentic work...
over 4 years
Beautiful Dawn,,,wonderful expression and the eyes,, say it all,,my dear, friend,,,,5***** sincerely, Doris
over 4 years
i dont normally go for this sort of art but this took my attention the minute i looked at it. Is it the eyes and as another noter said the windows of the soul? dunno, but i like it very much.
over 4 years
The texture is fantastic, love how you've painted this adorable face with all those colors, very impressionistic.
over 4 years
breathtakingly beautiful,enough said.
( one of the rare times, I'm saying more by saying less. )digger

I'm giving it one SMALL STAR with 10 hours of love, care & devotion put into it, & ending up with one massive

over 4 years
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