Remember by Renette Van Niekerk
Lovely work Renette. 5*****. Paul.
over 6 years ago
Thanks for you 5 stars, Paul!
over 6 years
Well done, Renette!
Dis eenvoudig, tog werklik treffend.
over 6 years
Baie dankie, Danie! Dit was 'n lekker vinnige een wat van die begin af reg uitgewerk het.
over 6 years
Beautiful,,Renette,,these eyes,,formula to melt hearts,,,smoldering heat,,,lovely!! 5***** Sincerely, Doris
over 6 years
Thanks, Doris! Always appreciate your comments!
over 6 years
Splendid expression!Beautiful eyes!Very ,very well done!5*****
over 6 years
Thanks so much, Ruth!
over 6 years
Love the far away look in her eyes. Very nice. darlene
over 6 years
Thanks, Darlene
over 6 years
Wonderfully done Renette.the face is so lively.5******with pleasure.
over 6 years
Fabulous eyes and a lovely overall softness. 5 ***** from Mike
over 6 years
self portrait?
over 6 years
a very soulful painting. ek's beindruk met jou styl.
groete Paul
over 5 years
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Artist Statement
for Renette Van Niekerk
Renette Van NiekerkI've been away/hiding/recovering for almost a year.

I'm starting to draw and paint again, encouraged by my new darling husband.

Looking forward to seeing the work of all my old PIL-friends and being introduced to new ones!

Can you mimic the buttery sheen of oil with acrylic. I have some areas on here that need it ( the red window sills in light) but I can't produce it - it dries...
Love your cafe, Peter! Must try and get there one day...haven't been that far south yet but love NZ. I'm not an acrylic or oil painter so not much help to... view answer
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