Portrait of Angel. by Donna-Marie Quick

Portrait of Angel.

Oils on canvas.
This is a portrait of my 7 month old niece, called Angel. Shes always happy and very cheeky. Which I hope i've captured in this work here.
Ah Donna this is a beautiful painting. Really nice texture and light which gives a feeling of movement. I can see what you mean about the mischief, it's in her eyes. Angel is such a wonderful name. You must be a very proud aunty x
over 6 years ago
You certainly have, I am in the middle of doing a charcoal of my great nephew I hope I do him justice the way you have beautifully framed this babies face and you certainly have caught the wonder of a baby in her eyes,a real talent you have Donna excellentxx
over 6 years
Yep its a work in progress, as soon as I have finished I will put it onx
over 6 years
A wonderful picture.
over 6 years
Fantastic work. So adorable!
over 6 years
What an awesome paiting. I love the detail, babies are hard to draw, but you did it.
over 6 years
thanks everyone for all these nice comments!
over 6 years
mine is on my site if you want to have a look, not finished yet but if you want to have a look and comment I'd appreciate it. cheers
over 6 years
great work, a babies smile makes my day, can't stop looking at her, very healing stuff. dance-in cheak to cheak. WF
over 6 years
No, it isnt my new work ,that is in progress!!That was an old one I did, it was meant to be a baby in the womb, hence the title, thanks for comment anyway
over 6 years
What a beautifully painted portrait and a stunning piece of work. Well done!
over 6 years
thanks for the positive response, it's not that you can't do abstract, it's that you have not got there yet. drop the can't and you will be-come. love your work , peace
over 6 years
Hey Donna, well the portrait of my nephew is in the bin!! I got to a point of no return , I will post the original on my site now for you to have a look at but I just wasnt happy with the end result. the problem is when I'm doing something for someone else I try to please them and I lose the flow if you know what I mean. excuses, excuses huh!!
over 6 years
Just put it on for you, looks a bit macabre I think!
over 6 years
Thanks for comment Donna, this site is so supportive and I feel better now, hate having to throw something away but my mind space was gone!
I sent it to my sister who loved it so I neednt have thrown it away huh! still I wouldn't have liked it and I have to like them and be proud in order to part with them especially if they are relatives as you get to see them again!!
It was from a photograph by the way, and it wasnt a very good one either!
over 6 years
You hope to be as good as another artist? I read that on one of your comment entries. Are you kidding? Your already fantastic at what you do. Your work is beautiful and highly expressive and full of joy. You don't need to be like anyone else. You are wonderful the way you are in your work. Peace out...=)
over 6 years
very attracting
colours are light but very natural
over 6 years
I like the light in her eyes and the pure joy that you captured so well.
over 6 years
Thank you for your nice comments...YES, you absolutely caught that CHEEKY look...and what beautiful eyes!!!
over 6 years
It's fantastic artwork!5*
over 5 years
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Donna-Marie QuickI'm a struggling portrait artist from essex. I havent been in any fancy galleries and im pretty much self-taught. Still learning with every new commission and I've finally got my website up and running woohoo lol.
I'm self-taught and don't know a lot about painting. Can you give me advice about shadowing? I know you don't just use black. I heard somewhere that you use...
Hi Nancy, yes the shadow is generally just another shade of the main colour. I would decide when painting musical instruments if you're style is realism or... view answer
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