The fools rule the world by Gyuri Lohmuller

The fools rule the world

oil on canvas
80 x 60 cm
I would love it if you would put some of your thoughts about this down. I understand if you don't. I'm just so fascinated. My son has a friend, someone older than himself, who is a refuge from your country. My son feels the political sky, and life as we know it, is falling and takes some comfort in his friends advise. I will have to show him your painting. It may touch him deeply... maybe to deeply. cindy
over 3 years ago
Wow, a very insightful and thought provoking piece! Your technique is also perfect!
over 3 years
simply fantastic! my brain and soul love this so much because you are saying so many things i love to see and hear.
it's just perfect. your style thrills me so much as do your skills.
over 3 years
thank you very much .
over 3 years
really interesting..
over 3 years
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, and I'd love you to add this picture to the group.

Amazing - just amazing. (accepted)
over 3 years
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[accept 2862]wonderful work
over 3 years
over 3 years
Excellent work
regards Victoria.
over 2 years
great painting.
over 2 years
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Artist Statement
for Gyuri Lohmuller
Gyuri Lohmuller"If I ever make a good painting, I will be excused for being a painter." (Gyuri Lohmuller). Self-educated painter, having exhibitions in Austria, Germany, France and Hungary, is willing to share his inner world. His paintings reflect his deepest emotions. "The emotion", he says, "is Art."
I struggle with backgrounds - getting it to relate to the subject etc.. do you have any suggestions to make it easier?
I really like what you have done with this beautiful regal looking horse Jackie. The teal background works well. Backgrounds are definitely a challenge for... view answer
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