Portrait of David Coulthard by Donna-Marie Quick

Portrait of David Coulthard

Oil on canvas. 16X20inchs.
I love F1 and being as DC's my favourite driver, I had to paint him. To me this is the real DC, relaxing and chatting.
10 months ago...I came on this time on PIL...
I havent see this one.
David Coulthard..Fast, speedy man, charming man,beautiful painting..:-)
Great light and shadows Donna-Marie.
Older work from the beginning of PIL going lost in the loading..This one also...But..I found this wonderful work, and give you my compliments!!
Kind regards, Robert
over 5 years ago
haha yeah i know what you mean, this is probably the painting im most proud of, but its not my highest rated portrait! funny how that works!
thanks for the lovely compliments :) i love DC hes so funny :)
over 5 years
Donna Marie... Again stunning! I really like the way you do your portraits and your style.. So proud! and congrats 5* :)chrisann
over 5 years
hi mate! thanks i thought you'd seen this one before? did u get my message on facebook btw?
over 5 years
wow ... what a tecnique...! wonderful
over 4 years
thanks francesco :)
over 4 years
Most beautifully painted eyes, skin tone, ligth and shadow effect, beard, hair, lips, expressions..love to look at this painting.
over 4 years
aww thanks thats made my day :) this is probably the painting im nost proud of, so im glad you like it :)
over 4 years
Superb painting - Davis's character ooozes out, painted so well - I really like this - you've done a great job that must have taken a long time
over 4 years
thanks david! Im a big DC fan so that means alot :) i think it took about a month :)
over 4 years
You should arrange to meet him & see if he wants to buy it - or present it to him?
over 4 years
that sounds like a great idea :) might try hunting him down haha :)
over 4 years
A powerful portait with a strong presence and style...
over 3 years
wow thanks jolante :)
over 3 years
Wow, your work is amazing, love this one.
over 1 year
thanks Ainsley :)
over 1 year
You are a great artist, maybe struggling, but no doubt you will make it one day soon. :)
over 1 year
cheers Julian i hope so :)
over 1 year
Lovely portrait of this Formula One legend..great expression and skin tones!!
over 1 year
thanks michael :)
over 1 year
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Artist Statement
for Donna-Marie Quick
Donna-Marie QuickI'm a struggling portrait artist from essex. I havent been in any fancy galleries and im pretty much self-taught. Still learning with every new commission and I've finally got my website up and running woohoo lol.
What do you all think of the painting? A flash back to 1986 when I was 17. I wonder if I should do more or just drop it all?
Really like the concept Clinton and think you should do more...if you yourself really feel the need to do it? This would be a good question to put into my... view answer
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