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Lion Portrait by Alan

Lion Portrait

Oil on Panel
He is magnificent! The light...the fur.....the movement. Just wonderful.
over 3 years ago
Many thanks Karen!
over 3 years
over 3 years
Thanks Constantin.
over 3 years
Wow really fantastic work, brilliant
over 3 years
Many thanks John!
over 3 years
Spectacular and stunning. This is so life like and beautiful. Your work is amazing!
over 3 years
Many thanks Debra.
over 3 years
fantastic realism and play of light, luv it
over 3 years
Many belated thanks William.
over 3 years
What a beauty . Love this piece of work .
over 3 years
Thanks Chrissy.
over 3 years
Beautiful lion , beautiful painting, very realistic ...
over 2 years
Thanks Ljiljana.
over 2 years
Awesome. Love the backlit lighting.
over 2 years
Many thanks Rick.
over 2 years
Wonderful painting, Alan.
over 2 years
Thanks Clive.
over 2 years
Amazing work---bravo!
over 2 years
Thanks Csilla.
over 2 years
What an amazing painting! You have captured the beauty and spirit of the lion.
over 2 years
Thanks Judy.
over 2 years
WOW !!!! I hope to become so good as you !!!! =)
over 2 years
WOW Thanks Enzo. Love your work and we're just different that's all.
over 2 years
yes!! you are right Alan !!! admiring others's works is the bets way to improve ... ;)
over 2 years
absolutly great!
over 2 years
Thanks a million Milus.
over 2 years
Amazing painting- really captures the magnificence of the animal and the light
over 2 years
Many thanks Callum.
over 2 years
This is so nice and real, I love it
over 2 years
Thanks Emmanuel.
over 2 years
cracking painting, brush work fantastic.
over 1 year
Vivian, your comment would have been greatly welcomed by Alan. Unfortunately, he died a week ago, 9th of July. We will all miss him.
over 1 year
Your painting is unbelievable and fantastic!

Wish I could do this kind of work!
over 1 year
Alan my goodness your painting takes my breath away absolutely stunning perfection one would believe its a photograph.The details are superb as are the colours you have captured a magnificent image of a very handsome Lion take care Maureen
over 1 year
He's so beautiful and regal!
11 months
Excellent lighting effect.
10 months
Beautiful light, Alan. Congrats!
8 months
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Artist Statement
for Alan
AlanBorn in London he began his career as a professional artist in 1976 and studied privately with various tutors in the UK. His love of fine art and in particular the Dutch Masters took him to Holland to study old master techniques and the interplay of light and shade with Dutch landscape painter Jan van Buren. The main body of his work consists of landscapes and wildlife subjects although recently he has included abstract paintings in his exhibitions. In 1977 he opened his own art gallery in Essex learning a great deal about the commercial aspect of the art world.
In 1990 he was awarded The Hillingdon Arts Trophy and in 1998 "Best Oil in Show" at the Wildlife Art Society Annual Exhibition in Central London. His work features in collections...
was added to the group
was added to the group
Rainy Days
Is it important to you to share your art with others and if so, how do you react to people who do not like your work?
You need to be open, just like the art you produce. Anytime we open our works to integration...we are in the line of fire. But, hopefully in productive way.... view answer
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