a new day by George Fairchild

a new day

Acrylic on paper, 12x12 in.

With my college chemistry teaching job coming up in about one week, this will probably be my last painting and poem for a while, as I must concentrate on my “real world” duties…sigh… I will try to get on PIL whenever I can to enjoy and comment on the beautiful artwork of the many dear friends whom I have met here this past summer…you have all made this an amazing start to my 4-month old “career” as an artist and poet…your support and kindness is so greatly appreciated!!! -GHPF

A New Day

Today is a new day…what will you do with it?
A blank canvas that’s waiting to be painted…
A song whose notes have yet to be written…
Make this new day a special one…

Today is a day that comes only once…
Rejoice and celebrate each magical moment…
Dance with great joy…sing songs of love…
Treasure each minute as if it were golden…

Find reasons to smile…to laugh…to hug…
Learn a new word …start a new hobby…
Satisfy your soul and help make it soar…
This new day’s a gift…please use it wisely…

Today is a new day…it’s yours for the taking…
Its image…its song…its history awaits you…
We know not how many more new days we’ll have,
So please make it special, precious and memorable.

Wow! beautiful colours, texture and love your wonderful poem George, we all will surely miss you.....Chemistry calls! 5*****
over 4 years ago
Your sun is rising along side your painting and beautiful poetic writing. Even in the real world your creative spirit will be appreciated by many I am certain of that. I love taking the time to look at your work and read your wonderful poems, always so full of wisdom and kindness.I hope you will make many more when you have the time and then you could publish a book of them all. All the best to you from Angela
over 4 years
Love this 'spinning vista' of colours, GHPF, bringing to us a new day, and the words will never go amiss, but wishing you the best of luck and inspiration in your new appointment as Chemistry Teacher. Guess those 'periodic tables' need to be learnt and pondered over, as in The chemistry World, we need to make a difference, new life, new chemistry, and Art will hold you safe! Even for the short time I have had the pleasure of viewing your Abstracts and reading these wonderful poems, it really has inspired the inner self to get out there, and look, listen, and create some more! Like turning a page in a book, we need to welcome the new day, with its many shades, tones, and peculiarities, that form this beautiful Universe,all the very best in your new position, and I do hope we see you again sometime, take care now, 5***** you shall see some really wonderful images in Science, it's like shaking up a bottle with soapy sudds, and has a milky film, it bubbles, and bubbles, and bubbles, that'a Art! Regards Angela Susan
over 4 years
george. this painting is so good, I like it very much, wonderfull colour pallete, my friend george I wish you the best in your chemistry teaching job and when you come back remember you have many friends here. 5*****
Tony Blacetti
over 4 years
Your new day is very symbolic,full of meaning and very well painted,GHPF. Your message in each poem you write is beautiful and inspirational. I feel very happy to read them and see your art work!
over 4 years
Love your colors, the movement, the poem!!
You are very kind and I am very happy to know you a little!
All the best as always!
over 4 years
George, I wish you well in your soon to begin endeavours. This is a wonderful composition, free and colorful. Love your poem, to often people forget. Teach your students well, so they may follow to become a better generation, perhaps then the last... :~) darlene
over 4 years
George, this is such georgous work. Just love this one...wow this is so much detail in this one. And always the most wonderful poetry...5# and more, Judith
over 4 years
i like it george! the colors make me the of daylit sky through butterflies! it moves when you look at it. 5*****
xxx ooo
over 4 years
Good one, George. Good luck with the teaching job...
See you later.
over 4 years
a very interesting and colorful abstract. love your poem 5* :}
over 4 years
belissimooo absrtact :)) i love it :)))*****
over 4 years
George...where will I get my daily "fix" without your writings, and art? I will miss you, along with many others, when you don't have time to keep us posted. Incidently, not only did I love your words....(as usual) but your art is getting even better. I love the swirling movement, and colours. Hope all goes wonderfully well for you, as you are special to so many of us.....Take special care, and check in when you can, as we are waiting to hear from you...Wanda Russell.....
over 4 years
Dear George what will we do without your daily dose of good will!!! Of course not to mention your wonderful colourful work and poems..you know how I am into them! I think you invisaged this maybe your last ( for the moment)so the energy has really shone through. Good luck with back to school...bet you are a great tutor..not by the book stuff!
I am off next week teaching as well (painting faces) sometimes I get so frustrated but PIL has been my lifesaver!
5***** + 5 for being the generous person you are! Go with love upon your journey..... see you soon!! Smiles Margaret:)
over 4 years
Very nice abstract George!!! Great colors, and I love the energy!! 5******!!!!
over 4 years
Stunning piece my friend!!! very eye catching!!! hope you doing well!! :)
over 4 years
hello george love your absract the colours and movement i will miss not reading your poetry and seeing your wonderful abstracts george good luck with your teaching job hope it goes well with you , take care and hope you will always have time to do your art for you are so good at it , five stars from me ,michelle turner
over 4 years
I will miss you George...I hope the students know how lucky they are to share a bit of their life with a genuinely kind soul with tremendous talent in pen and paint...love your New Day...I just had one of the most difficult days of my life and being able to refresh my soul with the light of your creativity is a blessing...many happy days to you George...Lynne
over 4 years
five stars for this one George and lets keep in touch my dear friend
over 4 years
Amazing color and movement radiating from the center of this painting.It reminds me of the warm heat of the sun. Stunning work. Love your sensitivity and you positive inspiration.
over 4 years
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