Jamie Farr aka Klinger in M.A,S.H. by Col Griffin

Jamie Farr aka Klinger in M.A,S.H.

Charcoal on 119 GSM pastel paper

One of Farr's one-day bits was for the sixth episode of the new TV series M*A*S*H in 1972; Farr had the almost wordless role of a GI who dressed in women's clothing in hopes of getting out of the Army. The character of "Corporal Klinger" was meant to be a onetime joke, but the producers of M*A*S*H sensed possibilities in the character. By Season Two of M*A*S*H, Farr became a full supporting character; by Season Three he was being given co-starring billing in the series' opening credits sequence. After misguidingly "camping" the character in the earliest rehearsals, Farr played Klinger "straight" in every sense of the word: Neither gay nor transvestite, Klinger was simply a guy who'd go to great extremes to get out of military service.
never watched the prog but nice line drawing COL, 5***** regards james
over 5 years ago
Thanks James it has been re-run forever on cable.
over 5 years
great job, we use to watch the show all the time, even reruns :} 5* :}
over 5 years
Thanks Loretta I think I found a bad pick that does not show his big nose properly.
over 5 years
Wonderful drawing,Col. I loved M.A.S.H.. I grew up with,Hawkeye, Radar,Trapper John and Corporal Klinger, not to forget 'Hotlips'.
Great days!!! Barry.
over 5 years
Thanks Barry, I always wondered which came first Hot lips or Miss Piggy of muppet fame.
over 5 years
It was always 'Hotlips' Hoolihan(Loretta Switt)for me,Col.She was in the original movie in 1969.
over 5 years
Really an excellent charcoal drawing of Jamie Farr or Klinger from Mash,1972 Col! I can remember watching this series, and the portrait does resemble Corporal Klinger! The features are really good, his eyes, and nose! You have really captured his presence in this portrait, wonderful work! 5***** Regards Angela Susan
over 5 years
Thanks Angela.
over 5 years
one of the best series of its time..this is a terrific portrait Colin
over 5 years
Thanks Beryl, it was a classic.
over 5 years
good stuff col....phil...
over 5 years
Thanks Phil.
over 5 years
hi col i watch mashed years ago and reconised klinger in the series this is a very good portrait of him well done five stars michelle
over 5 years
Thanks Michelle
over 5 years
Hi Col very beautiful portrait,lovely shading of the face,very cool serene eyes.5*****work
over 5 years
Thanks Auram
over 5 years
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