Landscape, La Alpujarra. by Bob Maddox

Landscape, La Alpujarra.

Pastel on paper
The Alpujarra forms a great trench between the Sierra Nevada and Contraviesa mountain ranges in Andalucia, Spain.
Here, the small town of Cadiar sits amongst the tangled wilderness of its valley.
wow, excellent kaleidoscope of colors
over 8 years ago
Hi Bob, colorful, impressionistic and happy landscape. I see a few ancient animals within the shapes. "Old Earth" in vibrant new colors, new times. Love from Christiane
over 8 years
Very lovely. It feels as if I am sitting high up on a hilltop and looking down on this beautiful scene!
over 8 years
Another fascinating work!
over 7 years
Thanks Alan...a great compliment coming from you.
over 7 years
never seen work like this bob.. masterstroke.. so unique treatment in pastel.. my congratulation.. !
over 7 years
I agree bob it is stunning and spectacular...well done.
over 7 years
Hi, I'm the administrator for the group (deleted), and I'd love you to add this picture to the group.
this dramatizes the spectacle of the vast landscape. beautifully done! (accepted)
over 5 years
double wow so much detail and the wave of the landscapes colours amazing. Jeanette
over 5 years
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Artist Statement
for Bob Maddox
Bob MaddoxHello out there!
I started painting in 2005 after moving from England to Spain with Belinda. After wasting vast quantities of watercolours, acrylics and oils, I eventually discovered soft pastels. Deep Joy!
Most of my work is taken from the landscape, villages and people of the Alpujarra - a remote and stunningly beautiful region of Andalucia, Spain. We lived for 8 years in Yegen, a small mountain village set on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada.
My friend here is Chico...a Supermule.
Since returning to the UK, I'm now on the look-out for the startling and unusual in our own landscape.
Keep painting and bring a little more beauty into this frantic world. God bless all.
What technique is commonly used for gouache ? I did look up and found one technique using gouache for whole painting.
Oh this delightful bird Jillian,it looks so fluffy and cute nesting in the leaves, with long pointed beak! I have never painted with gouache before but it... view answer
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