Mountain Village, La Alpujarra,... by Bob Maddox

Mountain Village, La Alpujarra, Andalucia.

Pastel on paper.
This is Castaras, a remote mountain village in La Alpujarra, Andalucia where I am lucky enough to live.
Beautifully painted Bob!Love the sun touching the pastel coloured buildings.
All the best Krystyna
over 2 years ago
WOW this is so detailed and perfect, I so love it!
over 2 years
Aren't spanish village beautiful? Like this amazingly gorgeously sunny painting.
over 2 years
Bob. this is beautiful and great detail painting, I love this kind of painting because it let my imagination go wild.
Tony Blacetti
over 2 years
Gorgeous pastel! Excellent!
over 2 years
Beautiful and love the village and mountains. Looks like a very special, peaceful place to live. Excellent, Nancy
over 2 years
Very nice pastel painting Bob, very realistic and high mastery of pastels! 5++++++
over 2 years
Beautiful beyond words... <3
over 2 years
Fantabulous work Bob.....
over 2 years
A quaint beautiful scene, well done Bob.
over 2 years
Bob, this is an excellent painting!!! of a so beautiful village! soft pastels in your talented hands!!! really favored the place. Am so much thinking lately to try soft pastels and your work is so inspiring toward that decision...
Best regards, Christina
over 1 year
Outstanding pastel.
Regards, Brian
6 months
Bob absolutely beautiful pastel painting your village is stunning what a privilege to live there gorgeous colours love it regards Maureen Smurthwaite
3 months
Lucky you! The stillness of the heat of the day is tangible. I love the composition which shows so well how the village nestles into the scenery.
2 months
Beautiful pigments and structure for these buildings, the church looks prominent and along with the mountain too, an excellent composition Bob, well done!
2 months
Wow beautifully rendered, you have done your home justice.
1 month
Great painting, so impressionistic...very well done
1 month
Who would have guessed that adding those pinks and blues would bring in so much emotion?
15 days
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Artist Statement
for Bob Maddox
Bob MaddoxHello out there!
I started painting in 2005 after moving from England to Spain with Belinda. After wasting vast quantities of watercolours, acrylics and oils, I eventually discovered soft pastels. Deep Joy!
Most of my work is taken from the landscape, villages and people of the Alpujarra - a remote and stunningly beautiful region of Andalucia, Spain. We lived for 8 years in Yegen, a small mountain village set on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada.
My friend here is Chico...a Supermule.
Since returning to the UK, I'm now on the look-out for the startling and unusual in our own landscape.
Keep painting and bring a little more beauty into this frantic world. God bless all.
Gold Member
Can you mimic the buttery sheen of oil with acrylic. I have some areas on here that need it ( the red window sills in light) but I can't produce it - it dries...
Love your cafe, Peter! Must try and get there one day...haven't been that far south yet but love NZ. I'm not an acrylic or oil painter so not much help to... view answer
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