Heat Wave by Priscilla M Norris

Heat Wave

Desert Landscape. 18x24 canvas, framed. GIFTED.
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Beautiful painting!
over 2 years ago
Thanks Gus, glad you like it. Cheers!
over 2 years
Wow, this is one of the hottest paintings I have ever met!
over 2 years
Thanks Hilary, glad you like it, one of my best. Cheers!
over 2 years
Happy colours, for me anyway, nice and bright and as you say, heat wave.
over 2 years
Thanks Paul. I was indeed in a happy frame of mind, when I did this. Cheers!
over 2 years
Outstanding Priscilla - I can feel the heat!!!! Alan
over 1 year
Thank you Alan, Winter is approaching, the heat is on. Cheers!
over 1 year
Hello,Priscilla!This work is realy attractive,great color,perspective and a very impressionistic look...love it.Warm regards and all the best to you.Viktor.
over 1 year
Thank you for your lovely comment my friend, glad you like it. One of my faves. Viktor. Cheers!
over 1 year
creative thought... Nice painting
over 1 year
GLORIOUS, P, simply and completely GLORIOUS!! I swear I can feel the sweltering heat radiating forth from this absolute GEM!! Whaaaaat a BEAUTY it is!! LOVE it!! Hugs
over 1 year
Thank you Charlotte. Merry Christmas. Cheers
over 1 year
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Artist Statement
for Priscilla M Norris
Priscilla M NorrisArt is Infinite! "A thing of beauty is a joy forever" John Keats.

Email p.norris@live.ca
Gold Member
Do you ever get "stuck " on a work? this is a replacement for one that was burned up completely in "That" fire. It is the 10th in a series of 21 Images.
Yes, of course I do get "stuck" on a work sometimes. Then I leave it and get back to it (sometimes a year or years later) when I have an idea how to finish.... view answer
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