Hidden Byeways. by Bob Maddox

Hidden Byeways.

Like many of its neighbours, the mountain village of Castaras, La Alpujarra, is a warren of narrow whitewashed streets and alleyways. Sitting on the step is my wife, Belinda.
Beautiful scene, Bob,,most lovely sunny day,, and your wife,,is taking in the warmth,,she looks very relaxed,,,wonderful hidden byeways,,5***** Sincerely, Doris
over 8 years ago
My thanks Doris...very encouraging!
over 8 years
Very good and 'fresh' work
over 8 years
excellent view fabulous work keep it on 5*
over 8 years
Glad I connected with your site here. This has a story for sure.
over 8 years
Great!***** Love your style!
over 8 years
Lovely sun-drenched picture. Good composition and colors.
over 8 years
excellent *****
over 8 years
This architecture, is so familiar to me. I spent holidays in a tiny place called 'Golco', tucked way, high up in the Sierra Nevada. Little alleys and the 'Godfather' chimneys. I like the inclusion of your wife, to give it scale and interest. Nicely painted scene, Bob.
over 7 years
Greetings Colin!
Would that be El Golco, just below Mecina Bombaron? If so, Yegen (where I live) is the next village to the east, five minutes away.
over 7 years
amazing painting.. dramatic whitewashed walls..forcing viewers eye to concentrate in the lady relaxing on the doorstep.. fantastic bob..!5*
over 7 years
I LOVE all your creations! what a beautiful gallery of work, this one I particulary love, as the colours/composition/figure are simply sensational! I can feel the warmth and wish I was there :) ***** Jules
over 7 years
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Artist Statement
for Bob Maddox
Bob MaddoxHello out there!
I started painting in 2005 after moving from England to Spain with Belinda. After wasting vast quantities of watercolours, acrylics and oils, I eventually discovered soft pastels. Deep Joy!
Most of my work is taken from the landscape, villages and people of the Alpujarra - a remote and stunningly beautiful region of Andalucia, Spain. We lived for 8 years in Yegen, a small mountain village set on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada.
My friend here is Chico...a Supermule.
Since returning to the UK, I'm now on the look-out for the startling and unusual in our own landscape.
Keep painting and bring a little more beauty into this frantic world. God bless all.
Anyone else get fed up with doing the same old thing every time ? I feel i need a new direction,a change!
Yes. If you look at my page, you'll notice I often change what I'm focused on and sometimes several times in one day. When I feel a piece is what I want it to... view answer
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