Marilyn Monroe by Rick Martin Sr.

Marilyn Monroe

Such a timeless Icon. She will be with us forever. Loved this pose. Found on the internet.. Had to draw it.
There are many many monroe works on here,but this is one of the best..Nice work
over 4 years ago
Thank you Harold for the compliment and feeling that this is one of the best. Rick.
over 4 years
So beautiful. love it
over 4 years
Thank you Qienton. We both love the art of black and white realism. You are one of my favorites.
Best regards to you, Rick.
over 4 years
Stunningly beautiful portrait Rick. Alison
over 3 years
Thank you Alison. This is one pose that has rarely been seen. I think it is special. Best Regards, Rick.
over 3 years
One of my favorite subjects to paint. Her stunning beauty and sharp with lead her into dangerous realms (where dumb blondes would never be accepted). Your excellent rendering is a great tribute to her. Thank you for creating and sharing.
over 3 years
Thank you. It is pretty amazing that artist around the world find her beauty unique and mysterious. She is a great subject to immortalize. Best Regards, Rick.
over 3 years
Wow! What a woman, what a drawing!
over 3 years
good job
over 3 years
Thanks Edward.
over 3 years
Thanks Edward. Your talent is great. I too love the pencil drawings. Big fan of your work.
Best Regards, Rick.
over 3 years
Fantastic work!
over 3 years
Thank you Giselle.
over 3 years
I love everything about it. I love the fact that you used a full body pose, it's wonderful.
over 2 years
wow! this is just Marilyn!
over 2 years
Hi, I'm the administrator for the group all about ladies
, and I'd love you to add this picture to the group.
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Outstanding work. Love your Marilyn!
over 2 years
Nicely done Rick. Marilyn is definitely a icon.

over 2 years
Love this!!!!!You did an excellent job on the sweater. I think I may try this if I can find it.
over 2 years
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Rick Martin Sr.Love to draw and engage with other artist of similar interest and styles. Mostly self taught and still learning. There are so many talented artist to converse with, learn from and emulate on this great website of "Paintings I Love".
Glad to be a supporting member.
Thanks to all for your many compliments and inspiration.
I would appreciate any criticism on this one, i,m not used to using pastels, and if anyone has any tips where it could make it easier, I would appreciate it,...
Hi Brenda your experiments with pastel is pastel is already a success, you are a what i can see, a prominent artist, no matter what medium you use, you will... view answer
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