Gary Cooper by Loretta Lytle

Gary Cooper

pencil portrait of actor gary cooper on bristol 9" x 12"
Hi Loretta - I saw some unbelievable oil pastel paintings on the net - so detailed and really, looking like brilliant oil paintings. The thing is, I wonder how much effort goes in to making oil pastel look like oil paint? And is it worth it? Anyway, it is good to experiment but I have a feeling my oil pastels will look more like oil pastels. Hug from Mike
over 6 years ago
hi, Mike, I would rather just work in oils :}
over 6 years
so very good...and he was a great...and so are you....phil...
over 6 years
hi, Phil, thank you so much :}
over 6 years
Great work and likeness!
over 6 years
thank you, ermis :}
over 6 years
Fabulous portrait of Gary Cooper,Loretta!
over 6 years
thank you very much, Nalini :]
over 6 years
very good work,this portrait has life
over 6 years
thank you very much, pavlos :}
over 6 years
Absolutely wonderful drawing, Loretta!
over 6 years
hi, Katerina, thank you, appreciate it :}
over 6 years
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Artist Statement
for Loretta Lytle
Loretta LytleI have been drawing since 12 yrs old, I am now 86 yrs old. When I was 12 yrs old a parent of a classmate of mine told me to trace a picture of a pinup she drew for me and keep tracing until I felt I could draw it. that was how I taught myself how to draw the figure. I have drawn many nudes and pinups since then, I still have the first one I did at 12 yrs old. I have drawn mostly in pencil but have done some in colored pencil, pastels and watercolors. Most of my drawings have been of people and fashions. I have also been interested in drawing flowers mostly Roses. over the years I have done people, flowers, and landscapes in colored pencil, pastels, watercolors,oils and now acrylics. I have been doing a lot of artwork lately cause there...
How do you feel about Ravens? Are you a fan or do they evoke dislike or fear? There is a pair that live on my property. I find them to be very clever,...
Hi Chris, this is very well painted, in answer to your question, I havn,t seen many, we have some crows around where we live, but I think Ravens are slightly... view answer
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