Harvest by Renee Reinhardt


pastel painting on grey paper, 21"x 16" unmatted
omg this is such a spectacular pastel. the bee is so perfect I want to pet it.......you have achieved something wonderful here.
over 2 years ago
I am so happy when someone can enjoy the bee with me. Thank you, Carol.
over 2 years
Exquisite detail and sensitivity in this work!
over 2 years
Thank you very much, Jolante. ~Renee
over 2 years
love your bee you have really capture the little chap with his hairy back . love it
over 2 years
Thank you :)
over 2 years
nice drawing .... super achievement
over 2 years
Thank you very much!
over 2 years
This is beautifully done
over 2 years
Thank you, Jillie. So glad to meet you.
over 2 years
Wonderful attention to detail.
over 2 years
Thank you, Laurence :)
over 2 years
Beautifully painted!! lovely detail and color.
over 2 years
Very talented pastel work :-)
over 1 year
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Artist Statement
for Renee Reinhardt
I am slowly discovering myself through art.
I find that at the moment I seem to be painting a lot of different subjects, anybody else have this problem ? if it is a problem !!. LOL.
John lovely painting the purple of the moors and the sheep you have done them proud it brings back memories of many visits to North Yorkshire moors .I... view answer
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