Veronica by Evita


oil on canvas, 22x28 cm
Needs no words just the paint brush 5* M:)
over 3 years ago
The face of Jesus said:I give myself for you!You painted it______great ,for pure 5******5******5!!!God bless you,Evita!
over 3 years
Hello Evita, very impressive composition and deep feeling you shown here! "5" Labu dienu Tev! :))
over 3 years
Paldies arī Jums par jaukajiem vārdiem, Evita. :)
over 3 years
over 3 years
I like modern approach to religious themes.
over 3 years
oh I like this!!!!!...Nice work!
over 3 years
Hi, I'm the administrator for the group Sentimental Art
, and I'd love you to add this picture to the group.

great uniqueness awesome job 5 (accepted)
over 3 years
i like the puzzlement and slight unknown feel to it...the interest the background plays. your negative and postive space tell a great story
over 3 years
your approach makes me think of the story again and again... I think your coulors fit so well to the mood, the blue and white energy coming from above... I wish Veronika had a more real face, its to much a doll for this theme I think.
over 3 years
Compelling, technically outstanding!
over 3 years
This is freakin great.

over 3 years
very powerfull work
over 3 years
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for Evita
EvitaI am from Latvia, I work with graphic and I am painter. I enjoy the art.
Do you think painting quickly and carelessly feels less worthwhile to you, than a painting which is done carefully and takes a long time?
My carefree work is always my best work, I've found :) There is always a point in my work where it looks finished but unfinished, if you know what I mean? I... view answer
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