halloween by H.P.Jacobs


pencil on 9x12 60 lb paper
Nice work, busy scene 5 luvits for this effort.

Probably needs more contrast to enhance the thumbnail to attract more comments.
over 4 years ago
Full of life and so many little details to discover. 5 ***** from Mike
over 4 years
I LOVe this!The Boy with the Hat reminds me of Huckle berry fin and tom sawyer:0You did such great detailing:) 5*****STARS!
over 4 years
wow great pencil work love the detail in it well done five stars michelle
over 4 years
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Artist Statement
for H.P.Jacobs
H.P.JacobsI am a self taught artist with only a couple of drawing classes to resharpen my skills after years of neglecting my talents.I work in oils, acrylics and artists pencils. My techniques in oils are a combination of painterly exercise and tv painting shows.I enjoy painting landscapes from the mind and also draw portraits from photos. all my originals are for sale and prints are available.
I tried to keep the crayones and pastel-pencils sharp, but they go so fast . Sharpening with a knife is not ideal, how do you people cope with it ? ps Today I...
Superb work Bastiaan, with marvellous attention to detail, simply beautiful. Having seen all the wonderful pastel work on this site, I got a set of pastel... view answer
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