catch you on the flip side by rebecca spaan

catch you on the flip side

16x16 oil on canvas
really different. I love the colours and the feeling of something 'natural' it brings out in me...
over 6 years ago
I missed it too, great work, vibrant colours , good feel, just the way i like it xxxxxx
over 6 years
Hi Rebecca, this is so original and I love the glow of the colours. Very appealing. Cheers from Mike
over 6 years
Ok, I will admit I dont give 5's out all that often.
But this one definately earned it!
This is a spectacular piece!
I absolutely love it, Its a bit trippy, a bit dark and etherial
but the colors are beautiful and shine through it all.

Stunning Piece.
Kudos on great work.
over 6 years
Hi Rebecca, did you see my comments about hawaiian floral?? thanks for your comment, and answer my other mess!! Please!! Janet
over 6 years
not sure what you want me to say
i did crop my piece...and others and they all got vey big now.
over 6 years
Great colors and concept beautiful painting.
over 6 years
this is better than i had remembered and it was great then!!
over 5 years
over 5 years
Excellent painting, love your originality!
over 5 years
thanks so much for checking out my work andrew.
it's a real compliment when someone takes the time.
i'm glad you like this's colorful like yours.
over 4 years
I love this work, Rebecca!
over 4 years
Love your imagination, the colors, the details, the blue and the mood you have created!!
over 4 years
over 3 years
Absolutely gorgeous!
over 1 year
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Artist Statement
for rebecca spaan
rebecca spaanart is such a wonderful way for us to express our creativity as well as our emotions, good, bad and ugly. i am so grateful to this site for providing a place where we can all show and see each others work and get great feed back. it's very inspiring !
almost all of my paintings are for sale.
please contact me for prices.
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Maybe... affirmations for a Thursday morning? I know some people are disturbed by or don't like "dark" art. I think art has so many different "purposes" and...
Very well expressed, indeed, Cynthia,, Welcome to the Bears Group, In Art, all emotions and moments whether happy or, sad , are all open for the artists,to... view answer
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