a romantic lady by dian bernardo

a romantic lady

Original acrylic painting on a stretched canvas, 16"x20".......This is a painting I did about 2 years ago. The original is sold as well as many prints. A beautiful young woman holding on to and treasuring a bouquet of wild roses given to her by her lover. Her eyes are filled with love and joy.
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Stunning protrait! Beautifully done!
over 7 years ago
Sorry I got back to you so late. I really appreciate your lovely comments.
over 7 years
gorgeous portrait, stunning expression.. absolutely love it!
over 7 years
Many thanks for your kind words and wonderful comments.
over 7 years
Dian you have stolen my words away!
over 5 years
what classical glamorous look !
over 5 years
Oh my goodness she's beautifully done. I sure wish I could do hair like this, it's awesome. The wild roses are PERFECT, and her skin tones are brilliant. I give this 5***** too.
over 4 years
Thanks so much for your lovely comments.
over 4 years
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for dian bernardo
dian bernardoArt is my passion and my reason for being. I love to share and give of myself to others through my art. My art mirrors truth and reveals my soul. The rest is in the eye of the beholder. I hope you view my website on zazzle. I have a lot of lovely products, prints and posters of my paintings for sale at discounted prices. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
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Is it really so hard to give substance in an abstract or it is just because is my first try? Any comments and suggestions much appreciated. Thanks so much!
For me I typically will use a palette knife somewhere in the painting . You can slide the yellow up or down or aswipe sideways with more yellow. You can... view answer
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