Friends by David Mcivor


Very nice!
over 4 years ago
Well done David, this is really nice. Regards Joe
over 4 years
Love the Bears and the soft tones ...great job !
over 4 years
Very lovely work! Great soft colors! 5*****
over 4 years
toys like people, good idea
over 4 years
Absolutely gorgeous, love it!
over 4 years
Hi David, I'm the administrator for the group [Paintings for a child's room], and I'd love you to add this picture to the group.
over 4 years
David this is so cute..., and I love this work.....really beautiful to look at, warmest regards, Sonja.
over 4 years
It makes me smile, I love the concept, excellent work David. Well done
over 4 years
Adorable bears and very well done!
over 4 years
So very cute, can see them having a good ol conversation.
over 3 years
So very lovely - regards susie
over 2 years
I don't know how I missed this little gem David ,its beautifully done,Did you paint it with the card market in mind
because I think you have a winner,
Warm regards Bill.
over 2 years
Beautifully painted, dreamy and very,very appealing. Nice work David.
over 2 years
Teddies, my most favourite, so cuddly and soft, gorgeous! regards Jillian
over 2 years
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this is a commission piece for someone, do you think he'll like it, and I haven't done many commissions so don't know what to charge, any ideas?
very cool, has an industrial look to it which I love and the cool blue and red, he will love it, I do! looks like a lot of fun and good times ahead. and later... view answer
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