sky rocks ocean by molly g

sky rocks ocean

Acrilyc on canvas, 16 x 20 inches. Painted with pallette knives. Brushes make me want to be realistic and I don't have the patience or precision so using pallette knives frees me from that. Inspired by scene on Cape Cod.
a good impressionist painting and love the colours in the rocks
over 7 years ago
Hi Susie

Thanks for taking the time and for the kind comments.

over 6 years
great palette knife the cape cod as well.
over 7 years
Hi alanclancy

Thanks for the comment. I enjoyed using the palette knife.


over 6 years
Great sense of turbulent waters on the foreshore. Very impressive.
over 6 years
Hi Alan

Thanks for the kind comments and for taking the time to look.

over 6 years
Love the movement of waves, and the creamy neutral palette - very original
over 6 years
Hi Sharon

Thanks for your observations.

over 6 years
Fabulous, you caught the scene well. I understand , your feelings about the brushes. I always need to put a piece aside before I start to overwork it. You did a great piece.
over 6 years
Hi Ed

Thanks for taking the time and for your comments. I admire the detail and precision of your work.

over 6 years
This rocks, mo! Love the palette and the 'feeling' you have put into this work!
over 6 years
Great style and love how you paints flow! Looking forward to more. Cheers!
over 6 years
Hooooow did I miss seeing this...jeeeeeeeewel before now?? Isn't it gooooooorgeous!! Am soooo impressed with your palette!! I get...nervous with these colours - whaaaat's that about?! Even when I may've begun with a palette such as this...POW! I have this crazy need to add...boiling red or blazing yellow or, or, or!! THIS is a stunner+++!! Especially...those...coooooooolours!! 5*+++++++ Hugs, Charlotte
over 6 years
love your style, this has great colour, and lots going on..
over 6 years
Okay Mo, here is another very promising painting! Great knife work.
over 5 years
Really gorgeous work, which gives the feel of a watercolour, although I know it is acrylic! Lovely tones.
over 4 years
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molly gAfter many years of painting I have come to realize that the thing that interests me most is colour. If I create something that enables the viewer to separate from reality and indulge in shear pleasure by colour and form then I am happy.
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