Forest Freedom by rex woodmore

Forest Freedom

Forest Freedom by Rex Woodmore.
Complete details on this painting
Thank you for giving some background on this. It helps bring it to life. Thought the loss of your dogs is a very sad childhood memory.
over 4 years ago
and thank you Sherrie.It is better to have memories of things we had and lost, than it is not to have had at all...
(or something like that!)Kind Regards, Rex
over 4 years
What a Very beutiful Happy Free Painting!So sorry to hear about your dogs:( But you captured the beatuty of the woods with the childern running happyily along the path:)Well done! 5*****STARS!
over 4 years
Thanks for the 5 star treatment.Julieann.
I admit I like this one too :-)
over 4 years
A wonderful, feel good painting. Love the trees, path, and the children. A nice touch.
over 4 years
Hi Earl,
I appreciate your comments and I am glad you like my work.
Kind Regards, Rex
over 4 years
I love the trees, children, dog. Ok I love it all. it has energy.
over 3 years
Hello Debbie,
Very sorry to be so late inj my reply. Thanks for your great comment.
over 3 years
love it
over 3 years
Hi Nana, Sorry about the delay in answering. I do appreciate your kind comment thanks.
over 3 years
Above all I love the way you have caught the running action in both the children and the dog , good job,
Regards Bill.
over 3 years
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rex woodmoreBest known for my tree paintings-

*Italy's largest book publisher & third largest magazine publisher in France, Mondadori, feature my painting Jacaranda Journalism on the cover of 'L'albero Dei Fiori Viola'

* Outback Oddity is depicted on a recording of Australian country songs From Out of Nowhere by South Australian Songwriter Fiona. C. Karamanlidis.

*Sydney University of Technology feature ten of my paintings in a thesis on Jacarandas.

Rex Woodmore Western Australian Christian Artist
If a work it OK to replace it with another? This repeat is not quite the same....does that make it OK?
To me it's not the same, this has more detail, I am not sure what the answer is, probably some rule somewhere that I would just ignore anyway. I really like... view answer
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