Sweet dreams by Aneli

Sweet dreams

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 30x40 cm. Started with no idea and during the work the idea clears up.I like to experiment that kind of painting process from time to time and see what will happen :)
Beautiful painting happened :)wonderful :)
over 4 years ago
Sorry for the late thanks, i appreciate your kind comment very much dear Julia :)
over 4 years
Absolutely fantastic !
I love it
over 3 years
Thank you so much Ann :)
over 3 years
There's a lot of wonderful creative play in this work. Well done.
over 3 years
Thanks Jo :)
over 3 years
Hello Aneli,Your painting is very cleverly work out.You have blended the colours very well together.You are a very talented Artist.
Thank you for commenting on my painting.
over 3 years
Thank you very much Sue, you are so kind with this lovely comment :)
over 3 years
very powerful work! bellissimi i colori
over 3 years
Thank you dear Tedy for the kind comment :)
over 3 years
Beautiful, dreamy and surreal at the same time.
over 3 years
Thanks a lot dear Anita :)
over 3 years
WOW! This painting is stunning! I love everything here!
The colors, the composition, the idea. I am repeating myself in comments from one you picture to another, because they all so brilliant! Love it!
over 2 years
Lovely colours that are harmonious and draws out the image and dream-like atmosphere!

Wishing you a Joyous Xmas and Happy New Year:)

Angela Susan X
over 2 years
Thank you very much dear Angela :)
over 2 years
over 2 years
Thanks for the WOW :)
over 2 years
in her dream she is so relaxed with the natural greens and yellows working as a blanket around her - I do like how your have included the organge floral section - although your painting didnt need any lift this to touch of orange/red ensures this is a masterpiece
over 1 year
Many thanks Jules for the so lovely comment, you are so kind, xx Aneli
over 1 year
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I started to paint Octomber'2006 year and i'm a self-taught artist. Every free minute, when I am not designing, i use for painting, which brings me a great delight.
I want to thank all PIL artists, thank you friends, you are my greatest inspiration !
Warmest regards to all of you !!!
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